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Monday, April 12, 2010


Been a long time coming... With the monsoon packed away for the year, the guys were out in full force and reaping the rewards for their patience. Some collective pix from recent trips, with some good results on new tackle, jigs and lures.

Monster Coral Trout

Diamond Trevally

Whaler Shark pushing 30kgs
Rod: Poseidon Ocean Hunter POHS-70
Lure: Jackson Pintail
Schoolie GT

Another Baby GT

New Jackall Bros Lure in Action

Rare Golden Snapper

Angler's Republic Seablade jig

Cobia on Caprice Kid

School Mates

Poseidon Ocean Hunter doing its thing

Pintail nailed

8kg Spanish Mack

5kg Spanish Mack

Goldspot Trevally on Majorcraft Offblow and Pintail

More Macks - 4kg

6kg Mack

8kg Mack

Cuda on Popper

Nasty Teeth

Cobia on Pintail

9kg Cobia on Offblow PE Casting

IMA Gun jig

Another good Cobia on jig

Another good Mack - 7kg

Victim of the Pintail

Slender Queenie on new Jackall Lure

Landing another

Bigger Slender Queenie

Another Mack to be gaffed

Majorcraft Offblow PE Casting Spec

Nice Mack for a happy angler

Pintail, what else?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Products - April 2010

Some new additions that just made their way in...
Angler's Republic Hexer Jigs
Megabass Cap

Megabass Cap

Limited Dog-X

Limited Pop Max

Limited Giant Dog-X

Anthrax Wakey

New Jackall Bros. Saltwater casting minnows

New Jackall Bros. Buzzbaits

Fisherman Shiden

Fisherman Stealth Leader

Fisherman Long Pens

Fisherman Delta Stickbaits

Mangrove Studio Volador Stickbaits

Monday, April 5, 2010


Not long ago a bunch of guys made good use of a lazy saturday morning by hitting the water early for a session of casting practice. Fueled by anticipation of upcoming Maldives and other trips, it was a great chance to test new rods and one another's set-ups.