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Friday, September 21, 2012


Now this is a pretty special lure. Not to say the others aren't. But within the company of greatness some still manage to shine, and this is one!
The Zipbaits brand of lures are well-known for their saltwater shore casting lures, predominantly for Seabass or Suzuki in the Japanese domestic market. Their lures are acclaimed distance champs when it comes to casting, it seems they have perfected the art of internal weight transfer systems. Zipbaits characteristically produce a loud clack when cast hard, something which often startles the first time user.
The company does produce lures to cater to other markets as well, and they are particularly successful with their range of Trout lures that boasts a collection that varies from wild stream to stocked pond fishing. Least represented within the stable would have to be their Largemouth Bass range of lures, but even so there are a selected few which have proven to be great producers for many anglers locally.
At first glance the Khamsin looks refreshingly like many of the bait species we have in South East Asia. Deep bodied lures are harder to come by for whatever reason, but they seem to work better at representing prey like Tilapia or any of the Barb species. Also, deep profiles provide maximum visual presence side-on and its greater surface area always means more flash. Originally made to mimic the freshwater Shad in more temperate climates, this lure proves it fits in perfectly for the tropics too.
The Khamsin comes in SR (shallow runner) and DR (deep runner) iterations and is available in 3 sizes. Somehow, these are secondary. Tie on a Khamsin in any form and within moments its super natural action will mesmerize you first.
I kid you not.
If you find yourself repeatedly swimming it within rod-tip's length astounded by the swimming action it would be perfectly normal! This lure has a place in many tackle boxes as the go-to lure for many since inception, and why not? It casts very well for what it is, it can be worked with a do-nothing retrieve at all speeds and we haven't even gotten to the twitching yet! And what a twitch! Especially on the Shallow Runner model. This lure defines the genre.
The original Khamsin is a 70mm model. At this size it is perfect for light to medium application with baitcast or spin tackle. Many see it as a freshwater must-have for the likes of Peacock Bass, Jungle Perch or any of the Snakehead species. But used in the salt it has proven just as effective with many species including the highly prized Barramundi among others. All Khamsins come equipped with the usual inadequate high carbon hooks like most Japanese freshwater lures do. Into the bin these go once out of the packing, to be replaced with some slightly stronger ones to stand up against the tougher fish we have in our waters. As a consequence, heavier hooks do mean a slight dulling of the fantastic action but the lure copes well and is neccessary evil anyhow. Just be sure not to get over-enthusiastic on the hook size.
With their proprietry Mag-Drive internal weight transfer system these lures are well balanced even with the superior castability. They are all made to Suspend, just to add to its effectiveness. So like all good lures, the pause is usually the ticket to bite for any predator.
Coming down in size, there is the Khamsin Jr. Identical to its larger sibling, only shrunk to a 50mm frame. It does everything the bigger Khamsin does, and provides an alternative for when the fish shut down or shy away from more intrusive bigger lures. This model is a killer in the salt too, for ultralight prospecting in tight spaces.
The baby of the family is the latest introduction - the Tiny Khamsin. Launched in 2011, this lure has taken the Bass and Bream market by storm. At 40mm it opens up to a whole new species list. Finesse fishing for fish like finicky Bream has never looked the same. In the local scene, high-pressured fisheries like stocked ponds and catch & release facilities are now tackled with re-newed confidence. The ultra-light fraternity got a shot in the arm with the Tiny Khamsin. One tip for fooling these smartened adversaries, try an ultra-slow retrieve, slower than anything the brain has calibrated. Leave plenty of hangtime interspersed with the very infrequent flick of the wrist to impart that faint tickle. The subtleness cannot be overstated, and having the right slow action rod is essential. Try it, it might just be the key to better fishing.
The world is a better place because we have the Zipbaits Khamsin.
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Bangkok. Thailand. Short trip with a day to spare, so off to one of the few lakes that give visiting anglers a chance to tangle with some South American imports. These well-stocked operations are world-class and their prized inhabitants are well looked-after. Much care is taken in handling and releasing these fish when caught and anglers are well taken care off all the same.
Unfortunately we arrived right in the middle of the rainy season and apart from impending flood, much of rural Thailand had been turned to muddy peat. Might not be the best for fishing.
With abit of ingenuity we get ourselves to the lake. And make sure we travel in style!
Anglers can opt for both spin and BC tackle, doesn't matter as long as you have some tough drags. Evergreen Temujin Amazon Flip Ballista and Majorcraft Arrival Spin rod are great tools for this kind of work...

One favourite for big fish in these lakes is the Evergreen ES Flat swimbait. As illustrated, big lure does mean big fish...

This Asian Red Tail Catfish is one of the biggest either us or the local guys have seen...

The Amazonian Redtail Catfish are commonly stocked in most lakes here and they go hard. Jackall Bros Girons are the must-have lures for all lakes here as they mimic the Tilapia perfectly...

A more normal sized Asian Red Tail on the Giron..

This particular lake we visited was pretty tough fishing on the day as the bites were few and far between. None the less we hooked a few unlucky fish but also were unlucky in losing quite a few good ones ourselves. In tough conditions we stuck with the Jackall Bros Girons...

The Arapaima can grow huge but here's a smaller specimen easily handled with an outfit like the Temujin Amazon Ballista paired with a Ryoga...

Like all others this guy fell for the slow cranked Giron. Over the course of the session we hooked, missed and dropped a few bigger Arapaima as the bony jaws meant they were hard to connect. The best chance would be to have one inhale the lure completely...

There was always the hard fighting and aggressive Redtails to provide some entertainment with their determined bulldozer runs even on high drags. A good way to spend the day away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Bangkok, so the next time you visit be sure to pack a few Girons and have a go!

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Friday, September 7, 2012


The IMA company leads the industry in Seabass lures in Japan, and the Sasuke is it's pride. It is everything a Suzuki lure needs to be, and more. IMA shot to fame when it released the Komomo way over a decade ago, that lure became a must-have in every decerning Seabass fisherman's box, and still is today. The Sasuke was developed following the success of the Komomo and has taken the game further.

The Sasuke sports a slightly shapelier integrated lip which catches more water. It gives the lure greater depth, wider swimming action and crazier darting. The very first one was introduced in 2001 and over ten years later we are still seeing new versions created. The platform on which the design is based is highly versatile. It is also noteworthy of the hundreds of copies or 'modified' designs that have spawned from the competition ever since the Sasuke took Japan by storm.

In the IMA line-up at present there are 6 versions of the Sasuke, not counting the different states of tweak and the array of special editions that are launched ever so often. Seabass lures are notoriously devoid of strong, tight swimming action, especially those made to mimic the spawning sea worms that attract these fish. When used as intended, the Sasuke will swim with a slow roll and a wide wobble. That is with a slow constant straight retrieve. However, in our neck of the woods most fish get turned on by speed, darts and jerks. Many would turn their noses up at slow offerings.

Well, the Sasuke has one thing up its sleeve. It goes mad when twitched! And thus has become a favourite for many tropical anglers targeting a myriad of species. It also shows its versatility when cranked fast and hard, with or without the interspersed jerks. Fish can't seem to get enough.

The range now boasts a collection ranging from 95mm to 140mm in size, with a spin-off in the shape of the shorter and stockier Shad 75. Some versions are made to float and some to sink while others both. Short of a really tiny version, the Sasuke range has it all covered.

For saltwater fanatics its no doubt the focus will be on the 120, 140 and the new 130 range. The 120 and 140 has become THE lure for Barramundi in our waters for some time now, a place on the pedestal it doesn't seem to be relinquishing anytime soon. It is the simplest, most original form of the design. Slim, taut and pure, it boasts superb distance when cast and produces a flash second to none when worked. The new 130 is designed with a larger surface area coupled with a heavier weight of 25g. It is made for big fish. The action much stronger, the casting further and the overall presence just shouts 'easy prey'! These big guys have accounted for thousands of Barra captures over the years and will continue to do so. Beyond Barra it makes a great lure for casting over reefs for Trevally and Cod/Trout. They also have found favour with freshwater anglers seeking distance and stealth when chasing Giant Snakehead and big Peacock Bass. And while the Trevallies and Snakeheads are mad for the high speed jerks, the approach with Barra and the other saltwater estuarine species is one with slow to medium cranks, intermitent jerks and lots of pauses in between.

The Sasuke 95 and 105 make for great freshwater weapons. Peacock Bass can't say no to a rapid-jerked Sasuke and neither would a switched on Jungle Perch. These lures are great for light saltwater application and especially in sinking trim is deadly for prospecting large areas. Like all others they cast great with light-medium outfits and work best with some speed and plenty of twitching. This lure is one great addition to any tackle box.

The baby of the family is the Shad 75. Like its name suggests, it has a deeper bodied profile and is proportionately shorter than its brothers. The Shad 75 thus has a slightly different repertoire. Slow sinking, it can be fished in multiple water columns and don't count out a bite on the drop as it exudes a slight flutter. This makes it deadly on the more passive freshwater species like the introduced Pacu. When retrieved with a constant crank it has a wide action and is great for many fresh and saltwater species. However, when called upon for more action it can be twitched and jerked like the best of them.

All Sasukes come equiped with saltwater grade chemically sharpened trebles that take some abuse. Anglers looking for more strength can opt for beefier trebles but too much weight does compromise the action somewhat so a balance has to be struck. These lures are cleverly weighted to excel in casting and most anglers will find them a joy to work with either with spin or baitcast outfits. Their relatively slim profile ensures good hook exposure so they hardly miss their mark. All in, there are no downsides to these lures. One can't even get bored of them as special and limited colours are released seasonally to keep anglers and fishes intrigued.

Here's a lure thats stood the test of time and will do so for a long time to come.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012


When the sun sets it opens up a different world to shore fishermen. The predators move inshore under the cover of darkness to seek their quarry. Mullets scurry into the shallowest, most protected pockets of water but you know the hungry guys are not far behind.
Fishing in the city presents a different landscape to the remote wilderness. Man-made structures offer shelter and habitat as nature slowly reclaims its space - barnacle-encrusted rockbars, pylons and the like. The challenges for the fisherman is akin to tackling any mangrove river system - having the right outfit, choosing the right lures, accurate casting and locked drags.
The weather of late has been abysmal but pockets of calm allow a cast or two. We are blessed with some pretty tough tropical species and it provides for some interesting angling.

This Barramundi was found hugging a rockbar waiting for an easy feed. Naturally the Megabass Diving Flap Slap cast in close found an instant taker...

A great way to start! Stout spin sticks like this Evergreen Temuijn 'Spin Cobra' are de rigueur for this type of work. Good distance is achieved with accuracy and a powerful butt to put the fight in your favour...

Estuary Cod are a common specie around all coasts. They love deep cranks like this OSP Blitz Max bounced off their rocky homes and make short powerful runs towards the nearest snag when hooked. The Evergreen Kaleido 'Spin Cobra Q7' is a more powerful iteration of the Temujin version but even so its not a straight fight when it comes to these fish...

Here's an even nicer Cod that took awhile to land on the Evergreen Tactics 'Hard Shooter' heavy spin rod. Some hairy moments indeed!

It liked the DUO Deep Feat twitched past its ambush point...

DUO Deep Feat scores a smaller Goldspot specie...

And is on a roll with this very decent Barramundi that jumped all over the shop when hooked. The Tactics 'Hard Shooter' had it slayed in short time though...

The DUO Deep Feat was the lure of the night!

A not-so-wanted customer that took the OSP Blitz Max hard and provide a few tense moments before rearing its whiskered head...

Working the tiny Jackall Bros Chubby along the rocks got this small Estuary Cod...

Big Barracudas always make an impressive sight but on a strong outfit like the Kaleido 'Spin Cobra Q7' it was a no-contest as it made short work of the fight...

The Imakatsu Diving Riprizer cast amongst pods of scurrying bait found its mark...


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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Following our previous installment on the humble Peacock Bass, it'll only be right to showcase some of the other fish one would encounter when going for them. At the top of the table is this magnificent specimen below. Goes to show you never can know!

This 10kg Giant Snakehead found the little Jackson RA Pop to be a nice snack and went ballistic. Luck would have it that the light leader would be kept away from the nasty teeth and with expert control on the ultralight Evergreen Temujin 'Spider' in tight country, this fish had a chance to be photographed. What a catch!

Mini lures also open doors to other less aggressive species like this Chromide...

Lure in question is the DUO Bivi...

Rarely do we see Chromides this big!

This guy liked the Jackson Athlete Vibe, with its subtle silent tight shimey...

Another one! We seemed to have found a school. Evergreen Opus 1 reel matched to a Kaleido 'Spin Cobra Q7' is sweet for lures like these...
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