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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Following our previous installment on the humble Peacock Bass, it'll only be right to showcase some of the other fish one would encounter when going for them. At the top of the table is this magnificent specimen below. Goes to show you never can know!

This 10kg Giant Snakehead found the little Jackson RA Pop to be a nice snack and went ballistic. Luck would have it that the light leader would be kept away from the nasty teeth and with expert control on the ultralight Evergreen Temujin 'Spider' in tight country, this fish had a chance to be photographed. What a catch!

Mini lures also open doors to other less aggressive species like this Chromide...

Lure in question is the DUO Bivi...

Rarely do we see Chromides this big!

This guy liked the Jackson Athlete Vibe, with its subtle silent tight shimey...

Another one! We seemed to have found a school. Evergreen Opus 1 reel matched to a Kaleido 'Spin Cobra Q7' is sweet for lures like these...
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