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Saturday, November 30, 2013


The Poseidon range of rods need no introduction to the folk who has read this blog before. You know we love them dearly and rate them as second to none. Not just because we sell them. More of the opposite. Such a fine product unbeknown to the world outside Japan, it didn't take much effort for us to convince serious saltwater fishermen all over to take a second glance.
The esteemed Evergreen company assumes the top step of the podium as the leading manufacturer of high end rods and lures in Japan. They are, however, more renown for their freshwater range of tackle. Little is known outside of Japan of their saltwater product range, until now. The Poseidon range of offshore gear has carved a niche within the region and with extensive range of application it has won the hearts of many who have laid hands on them.
Tackle Source has been a firm advocate for the range of gear from Evergreen and especially the Poseidon series. Apart from the now-famous Spin Jerker jig rods, another stand out for our local offshore scene is the Ocean Hunter range of casting rods. Made for casting plugs at small Tuna, Dorado and other saltwater speedsters, this series comprises of two models - the 7' PE 1.5-3 rated POHS-70 and the heavier 7'7 PE 2-4 rated POHS-77. Both have found a place with the anglers who frequent the offshore reefs, targetting pelagics and the like.
Traditionally, offshore casting rods have a more moderate action inbuilt, and the Ocean Hunter is no different. This facilitates easier loading and less chance for things to go wrong when casting on an unstable boat with wind and other factors working against the angler. Equipped with de rigeur Fuji Titanium guides, these rods are balanced like no other when in the hands. This ease of use is what's most remarkable about the Ocean Hunter. Casts are effortless and distance a revelation. The sensitivity afforded by the bespoke blank transmits every wiggle of the lure travelling at speed through water. Hook ups, as imagined, are mind blowing!
The Ocean Hunters have the grunt when required, to tame some pretty daunting fish. Within the last seasons, some trophy catches have been credited to these rods and they are just the tip of the iceberg.
Here's a new video featuring the Evergreen Poseidon Ocean Hunter, courtesy of Tackle Source TV.
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Jackson RA Popper
New Colours

Jackson Reaction Bomb 14g vibration blade
New Release

Jackson Pygmy Box Pencil
New Release

Jackson Pygmy Box Popper
New Release

Jackson Blank Shot 450 crankbait
New Release

Kahara Pin Puller
For all reels

Kahara Diving Frog
New Release

IMA Honey Trap 95S sinking pencil

IMA Pugachev's Cobra pencil
New Colours

IMA Dabeat for heavy cover

IMA Flechette 100 lipless prop bait

IMA Ikuri 60 crankbait

IMA Spin Gulf 30 spin tail bait

IMA Gun Peki 50 & 60g jigs
New Release

IMA Scare Crow 100S swimbait
New Release

IMA Beast Hunter crankbait

Evergreen Little Max vibration blade

Evergreen Prop Magic 75 prop baits
New Colours

Imakatsu iK Crank IKE-100 crankbait
Promo Prices

Imakatsu Java Stick 4" soft plastic
Promo Prices

Jackall Knockin' Jaw vibration blade
New Release

Jackall Dice Double Odds 135 pencil
New Release

Jackall Dice Limo swimbait
New Release

Jackall Cracker Buzz buzzbait

Jackall Laser Jig 20, 30, 40g
Promo Prices

Xesta Agraam Jig 110, 130, 160, 200g
New Release

Majorcraft Corzza Series Spin & BC rods
New Release

DUO Tide Minnow 105LD shallow runner
New Release

DUO Rough Trail Aomasa Pencil
New Colours

DUO Realis Vibration G-Fix 62 & 68 Tungsten vibes
New Release

DUO MOAB 85F jerkbaits
New Colours

DUO D-Squid Version II egi
New Release

DUO Incubator Rush 120 crankbait
New Release

DUO Tide Vib Score 68 vibration
New Release

Bassday Bungy Metal II jigs
7 & 14g

Tiemco Mad Pepper crankbait
New Release

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This story was written as a field report for the DUO company website


Unlike countries like Japan, we are blessed to have a few indigenous freshwater predatory fish species to cast a lure at. However, like most others, anglers are not to be satisfied easily. So over time we have seen an influx of imported species in our waterways. Some have appeared through aquaria, others for food and yet more specifically to satiate the curiosity of the angler. This fish is one such.

The South American Pacu, Nutcracker, or Tambaqui is a gregarious omnivore that has found an audience in the form of stocked pond operators and goers alike. Not the best table fish, this specie was first found in aquarium shops but later found favour amongst anglers for their tough-as-nails fighting ability. Not an exaggeration, the fish has been termed the 'freshwater GT' and rightly so.

The Pacu isn't a fussy feeder and will readily take most baits. The most common form of fishing for them involves the use of dough-based or vegetable matter baits, sometimes the use of animal meat or guts too. However, as a lure proposition it gets abit tougher. These fish, with their relatively small mouths that are lined with crushing dentures, are designed more as grazers and pickers. Not hunters.

However, given the right opportunities, Pacu wouldn't pass on an easy meal of live fish or shrimp. Anglers just need to know the right presentations to achieve that hallowed hook up. Locally there are ponds that are stocked regularly but some others aren't. In the latter the fish are caught and released on a regular basis, making them the smartest fish you'll ever encounter.

Many anglers do not bother with these locales for the fear of going home empty, which happens more often than not. In these lakes though, the fish have a chance to grow to proportions that pose a formidable challenge even for the best, most determined anglers. This is where the right lures come into play.

When the chance arose, we made a visit to one such pond. It was an opportunity to get away for half a day. If anything, the serenity consumes you and helps clear the mind. Armed with rod in hand, and a few little lures, we head to the water. The trick with these ultra finicky fish is presentation. Every little detail counts. Highly tuned small lures with select sink rate, tied onto light leader and line and cast with the lightest of outfits. There is no two ways.

When stalking these highly vary fish, even atmospheric noise is an issue. Stealth is key. And so we thread lightly. I snap on a Tetra Works Ebikko in its stealthiest hue - transparent! This lure has the perfect fall, it will work well. Two casts in an unspooked corner as the morning mist hung above, was all it took. Strike, and all hell breaks loose on the ultralight Majorcraft Troutino outfit. The reel screeches for a few long seconds, and then it goes limp. The hooks had pulled. Every fish in the vacinity had scampered and all we were left with was a crushed Ebikko. Literally crushed, as illustrated in the photo herewith. Not named the Nutcracker for nothing, the species possess jaws lined with human-like teeth that are capable of crushing open rubber seeds that fall into the water. They do the same to lures, so oftentimes decapitated lures and mangled hooks are the result.

With the corner well and truly spooked we move to find greener pastures. These fish congregate in small droves and like most fish are inclined towards structure. Any indentations in the lake bed would serve as a great hold as well, and it was at one such point where a cast ToTo was taken within a few cranks of the handle.

The runs are truly stuff to behold. Clearing a good chunk from the spool on the easy drag, the screaming reel begged for mercy. There is a total lack of control with Pacu on light gear on its first couple of runs. If you survive this and are able to slow the fight down, it then settles into a slug-fest with the dogged fish using all of its flat-sided body to its best effect.

This fish did all the right things and stayed out wide, but with some coaxing we eventually get it within range but the fight is hardly over. It takes a few good minutes of further coaxing before we finally get a lip shot with the grip and haul in onshore. This fish is just full of stamina. The small ToTo lure is pinned outside the crushing jaws and only held by one point of the treble. We were lucky it stayed on throughout the enduring fight, much helped by the subtle settings on the ultralight set up.

This Pacu was a hefty fish, big and bulky and extremely well conditioned. At this size, they would've been around the block so are a challenge to fool. But on this morning we get lucky and score a fine appointment with one of the true freshwater greats. The ToTo is gently removed and the fish slipped back into the water slowly. Its exit is far from subtle, as it beats a hasty retreat with one big splash of the tail and wets the angler quite thoroughly. More than satisfied with the capture complete with ensuing baptism, the day suddenly seems so much brighter.

We leave the rest for another day and call it quits on the short session. The Tetra Works ToTo did its job, and what a job it was!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Here's a short video from Tackle Source TV showcasing a minnow lure we love so dearly - the Jackson Pintail Tune. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Been a year since we fished off the East coast of the Peninsular. Glad to be back we were!
Two days aboard chasing all manner of fish, the way we like to do things around here. We had the chance to cast, jig and much more in between. The days were long as the bite was slow but we found a few windows of opportunities and made the best of them...
Majorcraft Offblow Casting rod loaded up on a topwater assassin...

A Great Barracuda that took the noisy Imakatsu Trairao with gusto off the surface. A fantastic catch!

Long Toms are a pest and make a mess of lures and leaders. They love Jackson Pintails though...

Things were happening on the casting front. Here a Majorcraft Giant Killing Offshore rod is put to the test...

GTs of this size go hard and are a handful on the gear we were using...

The Jackson Pintail Tune is the go-to lure for this exercise. It is much copied but never equalled. Shame.

We had much fun with the light jigs like the Megabass Metal-X Agitate...

It even accounted for a hungry Squid...

The small IMA Gun jig does the usual damage...

A small Barracuda that took a topwater pencil meant for bigger fish. On the FCL Labo UC74 rod it was a no-contest...

The DUO Rough Trail Aomasa bears the scars from many an encounter with toothy ones...

The Bassday Nin Cas mini madai left to its own devices will fool many Groupers, needing little input from the angler...

The Limited Release IMA Gun Peki jig in a radical colourway. Candy for this Grouper...

The Evergreen Caprice Kid jig is one of our all time faves for this area...

Here's a small Goldspot Trevally taken on a Shout! Shiver jig...

The Shout! Shiver also accounts for this nice Coral Trout...

And the Limited IMA Gun does this beautiful Black Fin Grouper in...

The jigging was sub-par, we enjoyed ourselves more on the casting gear. A nice Goldspot Trev hits the deck, muscled in by the Evergreen Poseidon Ocean Hunter offshore casting rod. It took a Jackson Pintail Tune of course...

We encounter a Brassy Trevally, a really rare catch for these parts. It put up a tough ol' fight on the Poseidon Ocean Hunter rod...

Its hard to go past the Jackson Pintail for this application...

The IMA Gun Peki in another limited release colour, scores...

GTs were making their presence felt on this day, more so than usual. They go hard on the supple gear...

The Jackson Pintail continues its onslaught...

It even accounts for a much welcomed Spanish Mackeral...

The IMA Spin Gulf worked on the bottom draws some attention from this Sea Bream...

The new Xesta Nitro jig is put to good use on a myriad of species...

We had only Groupers to show on the light jigs, as no aggressive speedsters were hit. They were great fun and good for the table as well. Here the Jackson Gallop jig scores another. Much fun indeed!

Watch out for a new video on Tackle Source TV featuring some action captured from this trip!
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