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Saturday, November 30, 2013


The Poseidon range of rods need no introduction to the folk who has read this blog before. You know we love them dearly and rate them as second to none. Not just because we sell them. More of the opposite. Such a fine product unbeknown to the world outside Japan, it didn't take much effort for us to convince serious saltwater fishermen all over to take a second glance.
The esteemed Evergreen company assumes the top step of the podium as the leading manufacturer of high end rods and lures in Japan. They are, however, more renown for their freshwater range of tackle. Little is known outside of Japan of their saltwater product range, until now. The Poseidon range of offshore gear has carved a niche within the region and with extensive range of application it has won the hearts of many who have laid hands on them.
Tackle Source has been a firm advocate for the range of gear from Evergreen and especially the Poseidon series. Apart from the now-famous Spin Jerker jig rods, another stand out for our local offshore scene is the Ocean Hunter range of casting rods. Made for casting plugs at small Tuna, Dorado and other saltwater speedsters, this series comprises of two models - the 7' PE 1.5-3 rated POHS-70 and the heavier 7'7 PE 2-4 rated POHS-77. Both have found a place with the anglers who frequent the offshore reefs, targetting pelagics and the like.
Traditionally, offshore casting rods have a more moderate action inbuilt, and the Ocean Hunter is no different. This facilitates easier loading and less chance for things to go wrong when casting on an unstable boat with wind and other factors working against the angler. Equipped with de rigeur Fuji Titanium guides, these rods are balanced like no other when in the hands. This ease of use is what's most remarkable about the Ocean Hunter. Casts are effortless and distance a revelation. The sensitivity afforded by the bespoke blank transmits every wiggle of the lure travelling at speed through water. Hook ups, as imagined, are mind blowing!
The Ocean Hunters have the grunt when required, to tame some pretty daunting fish. Within the last seasons, some trophy catches have been credited to these rods and they are just the tip of the iceberg.
Here's a new video featuring the Evergreen Poseidon Ocean Hunter, courtesy of Tackle Source TV.
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  1. hi there, nice write up. may i know what is the lure weight range?

  2. Hi there,
    amazing page and work :)
    wanna ask the poseidon ocean luna rod u are using it a variant of the older ocean luna ...the gimbal looks different ...old ones is black/ dark blue ?