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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


DUO Realis Crank M65 Hajime Murata Model
New Release!

DUO Logo Trucker Cap
New Colour

DUO Logo Visor
New Release!

DUO Realis Cap
New Release!

DUO Realis Visor
New Release!

Zipbaits Trick Shad 70SP

Zipbaits Rigge 78S Hunted Heavy Jerkbaits

Kahara Quick Lock Snap
New Sizes

Belmont Mini Split Ring Tweezer

Office ZPI Knob Dress-up End Caps

Megabass Deep-X 300 Deep Crankbaits

IMA Sasuke Shad 75 Shallow Minnows

Shout! Dangan Light Jigs
Available in 5, 10, 20, 30, 40g

Imakatsu IS Wasp Micro Shads

Viva Mazzy Frog Flapper
For Heavy Cover

Viva Seal:z Minnow 55 Jerkbaits

Viva Kozo Spin Vibration Blades

Jackson Komachi Shallow Runners

Jackall Bros i-Shad Tail Soft Plastics
Available in 2.8", 3.8", 4.8"

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Exciting news it was for us, when leading Japanese rod manufacturer Majorcraft announced to it's dealers sometime last year that it would be diversifying into the lure market. Shortly after, we were given some prototypes to evaluate, of course they scored impressively. No surprises, given the company's already solid reputation built around it's excellent rods. The result of one such test was posted here:
And now they're here.
There are three basic shapes to begin with, a number which will surely increase in a short time. The Jerkbait is a suspending diver that gets down deep and is available in three sizes: 50, 70, 90mm. It is followed by the Crankbait series that comes in Shallow and Super Shallow guise with two sizes for now. The third model is the ubiquitous Minnow. This suspending shallow runner can be jerked or twitched and is offered in 70 and 90mm sizes for the moment.
All models of Majorcraft Zoners come in 8-10 exciting colours ranging from natural mimics to bright  reaction-inducing hues, so there is surely one for all situations and anglers. Like Majorcraft rods, these lures represent great value for money and are super-competitively priced against the typical Japanese brands. This will be something local anglers appreciate, so be sure to look out for them at any well-stocked tackle shop.

Zoner Suspending Jerkbait Series
Available in 50, 70 & 90 sizes

Zoner Floating Crank Series
Available in 40 & 55 sizes

Zoner Suspending Minnow Series
Available in 70 & 90 sizes

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


DUO Realis Vibration 52
New Model

DUO MOAB 85F Jerkbaits

DUO Realis Minnow 80SP Jerkbaits

DUO Spearhead Ryuki 80S Jerkbaits

Shout! Powerful BB Swivel
New Model
Shout! Stay Jigs
100, 130, 160, 200, 300g
Geecrack Swing Chatter Brush Jigs
New Model

IMA Bta 70 Shallow Runners

IMA Gun Peki Mini Jigs
7 & 12g
IMA Flit 100 Jerkbaits

Belmont Mini Split Ring Pliers
Tiemco Red Pepper Micro Sinking Pencils

Megabass Bait-X Crankbaits

Megabass Shading-X 55 Diving Shads
Megabass Giant Dog-X Pencils
Sunline Cast Away PE Line

Varivas Seriola Medium Assist Hooks

Kahara Aluminium 6.5" Rubber Grip Pliers
New Model
Evergreen Caprice Jigs
100, 130, 180g

Evergreen Kicker Bug 3.5" Soft Plastics

Evergreen D-Zone Fry Spinnerbaits

Evergreen Corsair 65 Sinking Pencils
New Colours

Evergreen Combat Crank 480 Crankbaits
New Colours

Evergreen Showerblows Shorty Pencils

Evergreen Gold Digger Divers
New Colours
Evergreen Big Bite Frog
New Model

Jackall Bros Mondo HD Shad 3" Soft Plastics

Jackall Bros Bonnie 95 Pencils

Jackall Bros Timon Tricoroll 83 HW Jerkbaits
New Model

Zipbaits Rigge Flat 45S Jerkbaits
New Model

Zipbaits Rigge 56S Jerkbaits
New Colours

Jackson Pintail Tune 40g Offshore Minnows
New Colours

Jackson Pintail EZ 28g Offshore Minnows
OSP Yamato Pencils

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