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Monday, August 26, 2013


Jackall Bros Bonnie 128 pencil
New Colours

Jackall Bros Cap
New Release

Jackall Bros Cap
New Release

FCL LABO Light Jig Rod
With Extra Short Casting Butt

New Model

New Model

New Model

FCL LABO CSP 200 (F) & (S)
New Colours

New Colours

FCL LABO CSP 75 pencil
New Model

FCL LABO CSP 150 (F) pencil
New Colours

FCL LABO Ebipop 190F 65g popper
New Colours

New Model

FCL LABO SPP Slim 140 swimmer
New Colours

FCL LABO TS 85 pencil
New Model

Evergreen SR Mini spinnerbait

Evergreen Caprice Kid jig
30, 50 & 75g

Reel Performance Custom Ceramic Hybrid Bearings
For all baitcast models

Majorcraft Zoner Minnow 90SP jerkbait

IMA Pugachev's Cobra 60 pencil
New Model

IMA Fletchette 100 spintail baits

Bassday Nin Cas mini madai jigs

Bassday Bungy Metal II jigs

Shout! Dangan light jigs
10, 20, 30, 40g

Shout! Twin Spark assist hooks
New Model

Shout! System Jig Bag
New Model
Sasame Squid Skirt

Jackson Gallop Vib metal vibrations
20, 30, 40g

DUO Rough Trail Aomasa pencil
New Model

DUO Deep Feat 90D jerkbait

DUO Realis Jerkbait 120SP jerkbait

DUO Realis Shad 59MR diver

DUO Realis Pencil 85 pencil

Megabass Dog-X pencil
Walking & Sliding

Xesta Slow Emotion Flap jig
Various Sizes

Xesta Nitro light jig with assist
20 & 30g

Viva Mazzy Frog for heavy cover
30 & 40 sizes

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Spent a day chasing chromed speedsters on jigs not far offshore not long ago. It was a chance to put some new gear to good use and have fun with hard-fighting pelagics on super light gear. Rods bent and drags alight, no better way to spend a day!
Hot out of the oven, some new jigs from Xesta called the Slow Emotion Flap. These slow-style jigs are perfect for demersals but as we soon found out, pretty deadly on pelagics as well...

First Slow Emotion Flap victim was a stubborn Longfin Trevally, which put up a decent fight against the Majorcraft Giant Killing Slow Pitch Special rod...

Two drops later and the Slow Pitch Special Giant Killing keeled over, line peeled fast from the locked down spool and it was a few anxious moments as the fish made its bid for freedom...

A decent sized Diamond Trevally was the culprit. It went for the Xesta Slow Emotion Flap jig hard and got pinned after a few misses. Like all Diamonds they go super hard and it was a fight to savour...

Queenfish are a common visitor in these waters, and they love IMA Ro jigs much!

The IMA Ro scores another close cousin, the infamous Giant Trevally. Found in these waters too, except in not-so-giant models...

It was a tough mid day as we spent hours of inactivity due to a massive storm that swarmed us. As it died the first catch was this small Longfin Trevally which nailed the new Megabass Metal-X Agitate jig worked with the Evergreen Temujin 'Aerial Level Stroke' ultra light spin rod...

The fishing was tough post-rain but as the day drew to a close this nice Diamond Trevally on the ultra light Temujin 'Aerial Level Stroke' made up for the dismal day thus far...

The Megabass Metal-X Agitate claims another victim...

And yet another, with this frisky Queenie hitting the deck as a school moved in...

We ended the session with a few Queenies plucked from the school. They were great fun on the ultra light outfits and small jigs like these Jackall Bros Mametais...

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Monday, August 19, 2013


An opportunity to get down and dirty is hardly ignored. When the chance to do some heavy cover bashing for Common Snakehead arised we jumped at it. The explosive topwater takes are what keeps anglers hooked on this type of angling. Finding the right snags and precise lure placements are essential in this exercise and only adds to the challenge when going after these fish. Here's how it went...
It was a pre-dawn march. And the heavy downpour only made the trek muddier. Alas we could put clip on our snagless frogs as the sun rose. The games began...

Lengthy, heavy rods are required for this type of work, and you can't get much lighter and tougher than the new Dobyns Coalition Series baitcast specials...

Few casts in and a frog was hammered. The rod was dipped, then struck as the fish chomped down. The next few seconds were just a flurry of high rod work and crazy cranking. No inch could be given as the hooked fish would traverse logs, branches, and heavy weed on its way to our feet. It was a nice one and great capture on the Dobyns Coalition rod...

The big Evergreen Skirted Frog was attacked without hesitation, like with all Snakeheads it was taken deep...

Not far off the from place of the first capture, another Snakehead strikes and falls victim to some heavy-handed tactics...

Again it was the large Evergreen Skirted Frog which drew a response...

There was no shortage of smaller fish, and they liked the smaller offerings like the Viva Mazzy Frogs and such...

Mazzy Frogs have long been the lure of choice for local anglers. Its unique sinking ability and long casting make it the perfect tool for this type of work. Its lithe size ensure all fish it crosses path with will take a swipe at least...

New Evergreen Dry-Fit Tees - a great new addition to an already exhaustive line-up of fantastic products...

The Baby Frog by Kahara is another deadly lure for these cover-hugging Common Snakehead...

We struggled to find more big ones, but were kept busy by throwing Mazzy Frogs at smaller Snakehead...

Another Kahara Baby Frog victim...

As the day wore on the bite descreased but the Mazzy Frog continued to work on a few more fish...

The last one was a decent specimen and fun too on the light Evergreen Temujin 'Spider' outfit...

Mazzy Frog scores again, this one taken deep...

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