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Monday, December 27, 2010


To all fishos - here's wishing you a fruitful and healthy 2011! May more records fall and trips be bountifully blessed. Here are some exciting new products to usher in the year...
Studio Ocean Mark 'No Limits' 16,000 deep spool
for Stella 8000-10,000 and Twinpower 8000-12,000

Fisherman Crazy Swimmer poppers

Jackall Bros. Barrack super buzzbaits

IMA Gun Peki 30g - Seasonal limited colours

IMA Vibe 80 20g

IMA Koume 80 vibration lures

Jackson Muscle Shot - special colours

Shout! Jigger Bag III - limited white colour

Sasame (Shout!) PE Premium coloured jigging lines
300m spools PE2-8
Zipbaits Rigge Raphael sinking pencils

Megabass Ginpei 40g jigs

Mazzy Frog Flapper for snakehead

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Some good mates down South have been at it since the annual ban on demersal species has been lifted, and wasted no time in getting into the local Jew (Dhufish) population. Once again the IMA RO in 60 to 120gms have proven to be the bomb, as witnessed in the following pics...
Solid fish on jig...

IMA Ro worked with MajorcraftAlexander, a great combo...

Ro 100g model...

Another solid one...

Blue Sardine seems to be the prefered colourway for this day...

Great fun on light PE 1-3 outfit...

Countless Jews to make a perfect day...


Some friends recently experienced some pretty good
Giant Snakehead fishing in a local dam, here are
some pics of some nice fish
Big head with Jackall Bros Squirrel in mouth...

Nice brooder Toman...

Small aggressive snakehead on Megabass Cyclone...

Nice sized fish on small topwater lure...

Another brooder taken on Megabass Diving Flap Slap...

Monday, December 13, 2010


Seal:Z Minnow 55 jerkbait

Seal:Z Minnow 45R jerkbait

IMA Tetra Di mini crankbaits

IMA Tetra Tri mini crankbaits

IMA Shaker crankbaits

IMA Bta80SR shallow runners

IMA Flitz jerkbaits

Megabass Metal-X Spiral Fall jigs

Megabass Orochi X-4 BC and Spin rods

Megabass Racing Condition 'Milano' Edition rods

Evergreen Lure Boxes - Large and Small

Jackall Bros Soul Shad

Shout! Jaco Hook Glow - S to LL sizes

Shout! Jaco Hook Assist - S to LL sizes

Shout! Powerful Assist - 1/0 to 7/0 sizes

Viva Spin Bias mini spinners

Tiny Flapper frogs for snakehead

Mazzy Frog MF-40 for snakehead

Mazzy Frog MF-30 for snakehead

Jackson Mixim Vibrations