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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Maldives Part1

It's been a long time coming, at last after months of anticipation the crew was on a plane to Male. We spent a week aboard exploring various reefs and atolls. It was the first time for most and they were hooked by the end of it. Many pics to tell the story....
Our home for the week

Breakfast to greet us every mornin'

Trolling on the way between atolls and a lure was hit

Good way to start! This wahoo was turned into superb porridge for lunch

Meals were never short of excellent

Chillin' while we travel

1st drop, 1st fish - a warm welcome

A common pest in the Maldives

Enjoying the scenes

First of many deep-dwelling groupers to come

They were plentiful

1st cast with a popper and a hook-up ensued. Easy...

But the frenzy was shortlived, the next few days would be tough popping

We still managed a few good hook-ups though

New FCL Ebipop 120 doing its job

All hands on deck

Longing for home

We persisted with the poppers, often till we couldn't pop anymore

Jigging still produced the goods

Everyone got into it, the new Shout! Shab Shab was a star performer

We hooked plenty which we couldn't stop, even with stout gear

They just went and went

Nice Coral Trout on an Orion Bigfoot

No chance of stopping some fish

Hit a school of Yellowfins, this one on an Evergreen Caprice

Everyone was delighted

Another nice schoolie

Stubborn fish ran round the boat too many times so the guys got into the tender
Check out the conditions

Sailfish on jig, in the boat

Happy angler! Sail on IMA Ro jig

Revived and released

Kudos to the crew

That's a custom fit!

Poseidon rod were easy tools to lift fish from the depths

A first - cute lil' Tresher Shark

Once in awhile we were greeted by some GTs - no monsters yet

Evenings guaranteed a hit or two

Conditions throughout the week was magical

Tired anglers taking in the sunset

Typical Maldivian GT, not big

Smaller lures worked great on reefies - FCL Squidpen shone

GTs kept coming

New FCL rod worked to good effect, pulling Trout bent on reefing you

Lil' Bluefin Trevally

Teenage GT on Shakure

Squidpen continued to pull in fish - GTs were no fun on light tackle

Big take on a jig on the outer reef

Big Reef Shark after a long fight

Tired but happy angler!

Confused wrap up. Makes you wonder what the fish was up to

Stickbaits worked well in the calm conditions

Everyday we hit unstoppables on jigs. Stella 10k and PE-6 outfit almost spooled

Many fish were raped upon capture - doggies & sharks were the culprits

Jigging deep some ooglies were pulled up, adding to the species list
This one a Bullseye

This greedy Green Job paid the price
More to come in part2

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