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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Fisherman Aluminium/Plastic Knob for New Stella

FCL LABO 81EXT Popping Rod Max 180g

FCL LABO CSP 260, 200, 150 Pencils

FCL LABO HRTM 200 Swimbait - 65g

FCL LABO T.Stick 180 - 75g

FCL LABO HJ 160, 200 Sinking Pencils

FCL LABO SPP 140 Poppers

FCL LABO SPP 110 Mini Poppers

FCL LABO SL,VN,VM Jigs 120-320g

Zipbaits Rigge Vib 63

Evergreen D-Zone Fry Spinnerbaits

Megabass Vision 110 Jerkbaits

Megabass SP Zonk

Megabass Vibration-X Ultra LW Edition

IMA Komomo II Jerkbaits
Majorcraft Crostage Light Jigging Rods

CB One Quick Dart F-1 30 - 45g Jigs

Jackall Bros Deep Range Heavy Spinnerbaits

Jackall Bros Seira Minnow 80S Sinking Pencils

Jackall Bros Squad Shad 65 Jerkbaits

Jackall Bros Squad Minnow 65 Jerkbaits

Jackall Bros/Dice Bankroll 100 Sinking Pencils

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