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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Introducing Maggy Gara, a brand synonymous with big GT no doubt because it is responsible for the standing record for Caranx Ignobilis taken on a casting outfit. Made meticulously by hand in super small numbers on the island of Okinawa, these lures are very sought-after by anglers who fish the region. We are proud to be able to share these gems to GT anglers this side of the world.

The record GT - over 72kgs

Taken on shore on a Maggy Gara stickbait

Maggy Gara GT 170 model

GT Popper 100 model

Jerking Bait 2 model

Jerking Bait 1 model

Jerking Bait Mini 40g & Yumetsuribito Pencil 28g

Tank Anaconda for snakehead

Evergreen Fit Cap - Black & White

Evergreen Stumble Crankbait

Evergreen Wildhunch Crankbait

Evergreen D-Zone Double Leaf Spinnerbait

OSP Bent Minnow 86

Shout! Entice Stickbaits - 170 & 190 sizes

Versus Tackleboxes by Meiho

Megabass Dog-X Speed Slide - new colours

IMA Roumba Crankbait

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