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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Evergreen Corsair 65 - sinking pencils

Jackall Bros. Squirrel 61 - divers

OSP Caps

OSP Visors

Jackson Gallop 7 & 14g - light jigs

Jackson Pintail 40g - offshore lures

Jackall Bros. Super Eruption - heavy spinnerbaits

Jackall Bros. TN-50 - Iyoken Sound specials

Evergreen Buzzer Beater - vibes

Evergreen Whizzer - vibes

IMA Skimmer - pencils

IMA Popket 80 - pencils

Bassday Bungy Metal 7g - spoons

Bassday Crystal Popper 55S

Bassday Kangoku Helium 45

Geecrack Split Ring Pliers

Imakatsu IK Crank 180 & 250 Mark II - crankbaits

Fisherman Watertight bag

FCL Labo 70H - lure spin rod

FCL Labo 72 Ultimate Boat Cast - offshore spin rod

Office ZPI Friction Zero Lubricants

Megabass Dog-X - new stocks

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