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Thursday, March 28, 2013


 Here's a look at nineteen lures we're all excited about in 2013, set upon the luxe Parisian urban backdrop. They are battle proven warriors that will earn a place in every discerning angler's tackle box and prove their worth on the water. Tackle Source continues to serve up the best that the tackle world has to offer, and this is just a sniff of the more exciting products that will adorn the shelves in a quality tackle shop near you.

Jackall Bros ASKA
This radical new crankbait by Jackall Bros is available in shallow to medium specifications and has proven to be a winner for local freshwater applications especially in small ponds with finicky fish.

The number one go-to crankbait these past few seasons over here and in regions close by, the Combat Crank by Evergreen needs zero introductions. Available in many depth guises covering sub-surface to the mighty deep, this lure has not only produced in the freshwater for Giant Snakehead but also garnered a big following for estuarine anglers. No surprises it will produce more trophies in time to come.
Duo Beach Walker AXCION 95S
This is the way of the future for high pressured fisheries. The Beach Walker Axcion is a quick sinking runner that can be worked in a few manners to cover different water columns. Originally created for Hirame (Flounder) from the beach, the long-casting Axcion works best near the bottom. When used on a straight slow retrieve it shimmies along in a tight fashion and is effective when spooked fish are not reacting to stronger action lures.

Jackall Bros DOOZER
In a world of small sinking vibration cranks, the Doozer stands out with its large size and floating capabilities. Produced for tight fast swimming over shallow weedbeds, the Jackall Bros lure has carved a niche for itself within regional circles with its effectiveness in lakes with large stocked fish. The uncanny resemblence to the local Tilapia which predators feed on makes it a no-brainer choice when matching the hatch. Dump the weak stock trebles, slap on the mandatory beefier ones and the Doozer can be tuned to sink at rates relative to the hooks used. Tip of the day right there.

Radical in appearance, the Barbarossa was first launched in the larger 120mm size but was subsequently followed by the smaller 95. Essential for its original application as a rock-shore Seabass lure, the Barbarossa casts a country mile. But the real magic is in the way it darts and swims. From wide slides to tight shimmies, this lipless lure is the next word in versatility.
Bassday DEATH LOCK 78S
With sinking minnows all the rage for local freshwater application, it comes to no surprise we would get excited about this gem from Bassday. The Death Lock can be jerked or swam at many speeds, for a myriad of species and even in saltwater. The finishing is next to none and many would buy it just on that account we're pretty sure.

Deep jerking for Jungle Perch in our rivers and lakes require a stable darter that can handle speeds normally reserved for saltwater speedsters. The Farina range answers the call, being created for fast trout streams it handles current and speed with ease. Available in both shallow and deep specifications, in different sizes and in both sinking and floating guises, the range emcompasses pretty much every aspect.
For the straight cranking fisherman, the Leviathan gives its best with the super life-like shimmer it produces. Able to go to depths normally out of reach for slim-bodied minnows, it is also relatively snag-proof with its long lip. As with all Megabass lures, the finish is top notch and so is its fish-catching ability.

The quest to fool fish never wanes. The latest trend to hit the Japanese bass market is hard lures adorning blades. Ima was there before it with the Flechette, a 24g 100mm lipless rolling bait with a spinnerblade where the tail treble is to be. It falls with a slinky roll that's accentuated by the spinning tail and has proven irresistable for many local species of late. Never too late to try something new, are we?

The magic number is 600. Six hundred millimetres. That's how deep this minnow goes. Ever felt the need to plunge deeper to flush out the shy snag huggers? This is your answer. Snakehead, big Barra and Black Bass everywhere should take cover now.

The iconic Komomo exemplifies shore Seabassing in Japan. It is the lure that put the brand on the map but guys over here are just beginning to unlock the potential of this shallow running fish slayer. Night or day, the lithe flashing roll just below the surface is seldom ignored. This lure shouldn't be ignored!

Imakatsu IK-CRANK
The original non-rattling IK-Crank took the bassing world by storm. It has since spawned many iterations to cover multiple water columns and various applications. Locally it has garnered a keen following whether in fresh or saltwater for a multitude of species and there's no sign of stopping it. The deep cranks are now a favourite for jungle dam-busters.

This one's a caster extraordinaire and a lure that gets down to where you want it, quick. Available in 30g and the Magnum 45g versions, this power-packed bullet makes no qualms about its intentions as it gets the job done with a slinky flutter fall with lots of flash to draw the fish out. The Muscle Shot has been a worthy addition to our saltwater selection this past season.

Loud. With rattles to wake the neighbours, this lure certainly makes first impressions. To both angler and fish, as been proven. The Realis Pencil defies the odds by being very fairly priced but its performance is anything but economical. Long casts and superb fish-calling ability has its place secure in many a tackle bag for a long time.
Jackall Bros SQUIRREL
This lure has been around for a while but we've been loving it all this time. Great things never need replacing and with its track record in the salt and the fresh we're confident this one's going to keep going and going. With a selection of medium to deep configurations ranging from 61 to 79mm, there's one for most situations. And its natural swimming action makes seeing believing.
Our new fave monster jerkbait, what more can you say? From Pavons to Barra, no fish escapes the grasp of the Realis Jerkbait. Note that heavier gear is required to work one, but thats what you'll also need to stop the next big lunker that latches on.

Saltwater speedsters beware. This will be the next lure to rock the high speed spinning world. Able to run with the strongest currents and greatest of speeds with stable agility, the Rough Trail is the perfect fleeing sardine. One which our tropical pelagics will seek to outrun and destroy.

The humble topwater pencil, almost forgotten in a world of ever-evolving styles. But the Cobra brings us back to the joy of explosive atmospheric strikes and rampaging tailraces. It is the sneaky silent pencil which catches wary predators offguard, being just the right size for our Jungle Perch or Common Snakeheads.

Our last lure is an oddity of sorts. We don't see many long lipless cranks, but Duo obviously has a winner here with the Tide Vibe Slim. The quick sink tight swimmer has been the sleeper saltwater lure of the year for those in the know, and not many do. Till now. It's never too late we say.

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