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Saturday, August 23, 2014


When not on the water our minds are still transfixed on gear - and lures in particular. These past few seasons have seen great interest in the ultralight segment. It has opened many new doors and unlocked many great new species for anglers all over. Here are 9 spectacular lures that have revolutionised the way we've fished and have changed the game for us...

DUO Tide Vib Score
Spectacular at working multiple water columns and being fantastically more natural than any other vibe we know. A must.

DUO Tetra Works Perakko
The original 'spybait' and still the smallest in size. It fools the most wary of fish and goes about it in total stealth mode.

DUO Spearhead Ryuki series
Available in a multitude of sizes, this is the sinking jerkbait personified. When darting and flashing is key there is no better small lure.

Jackall Mametai Jig
Probably the one lure that has account for the most new species, this amazing jig is the perfect snack size for anything that swims.

Jackson Gallop Vib
A jig in the shape of a lipless vibe. This lure works heavy currents and deep waters with aplomb. Probably the best kept secret this past season.

DUO Tetra Works Ikakko
We can't rave too much about this awesome creation by DUO. Friends will know how much we adore this lure and how spectacularly it works on fish anywhere. Don't forget its younger brother - the Koikakko too.

IMA Ichimatsu Jig
Recently launched but it wasted no time in winning the hearts of users all over. This is one special jig, and the first true min slow jig for small demersals. This one will be here to stay.

IMA Honey Trap 70
Lipless sinking pencil? Nothing comes close to this IMA hit when it comes to castability, versatility and sexiness in its flutter, not to mention the wild twitching. The Honey Trap is officially no more a secret.

IMA Koume Infinity
The definitive heavy vibe. The varied swimming actions afforded by the three tow points make this one of the most versatile vibes we know. Fast or slowly worked, fresh or salt, this is one scorer.

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