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Sunday, February 26, 2017


The humble Namasu, or Japanese Common Catfish, has been a species we have wanted to encounter for a long time. This trip to Japan provided a small window of opportunity to fulfil this wish and we jumped at the chance. This Catfish lives in urban waterways and are known to be more active during the nocturnal hours. Whilst hunting other species like the Snakehead and Bass, we were hopeful of catching one by chance but that didn't happen so we had to stalk this critter after dark.

We were brought to a spot which our guides knew they hung out. It was completely dark by the time we arrived but we put our casts in none the less...

This is the result, a beautiful specimen of this Catfish we hear and see so much about. It was the one fish which fell for the slowly worked popper which mimicked a struggling prey on the surface and subsequently shut the whole spot down...

One of the best lures we know for this type of work is the FEED Lures BULB8, a hand crafted timber popper which walks as well as it pops. It is perfect for these slow applications where action is key to mimic a struggling subject for these hunters to home in on...

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