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Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Micro Jigging is just about as much fun as one can have with rod in hand. Here we spent a day on the water for a typical day chasing pelagics with tiny jigs we call Micro. These jigs range between 5 to 25 grams and are worked with ultralight outfits dedicated to getting these small jigs down and getting fish to the boat.

On this day we encountered plenty of Long Fin Trevally but were pleasantly surprised by some Diamond Trevallies, Blue Runners, Hard tail Scads, Queenfish and even Spotted Mackeral as well. We
had a chance to test out some new prototype rods from the FEED stable alongside the benchmark which is the Go-Emotion Micro Jig special by Major Craft.

Jigs that deserve mention are the IMA Gun Peki, FEED FLIP, Jackall Raspateen and the brand new Drag Metal Cast jig by DUO. These jigs produced all the fish we encountered on the day. It was a worthy bounty and it had everyone spent by the end...

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