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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Megabass X-80 Beat SW jerkbaits

IMA Bta60SR shallow runners

Evergreen Kaleido Designo ultra light BC rods

Evergreen Poseidon High Pitch Jerker overhead jigging rods

Evergreen Temujin 'The Eraser' spinning rod

Evergreen Water Proof Tackle Bag

Sunline Monster Battle PE casting line

Sunline Cast Away PE casting line

Sunline PE Jigger HG Light Special jigging line

Sunline PE Jigger HG jigging line

Jackall Bros Giron

Jackall Bros Squad Shad 65 jerkbaits

OSP Beat 3/8oz buzzbaits

Shout! Heavy Duty Split Rings

Shout! Sparrow and Dangan - New Colour

Shout! Flash 100g - New Jigs

Shout! Flash 250g - New Jigs

Shout! Strobe 100g, 150g, 180g - New Jigs

Imakatsu Careca sinking propbaits

IMA Bta70 shads - Special Colours

IMA Hound Glide 125F - New Model

Jackson Qu-On Boil Call poppers

Jackson Trout Tune 55 HW jerkbaits

Megabass Phase 3 'G-AX' baitcast rod

Megabass X-Pod Jr. - New Colours

Megabass Pop Max - Mad New Colours

Megabass Dog-X Jr. Coayu - Mad New Colours

Megabass Pop-X - Mad New Colours

Megabass Giant Dog-X - Mad New Colours

Megabass X-Plose - New Colours

Megabass Lates - Sakura Special Edition

Duo Flatside 54SR shallow crankbaits

Imakatsu Crank 400-R crankbaits

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