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Monday, December 16, 2013


Tackle Source is proud to introduce the FEED brand of lures and its first model off the production line - the BELL60 popper. We've had a big hand in its development, for those who've been following you will remember this post a couple of months back.
That was the BELL60 prototype at work. It scored a good handful of GTs on that trip and cemented our faith in the finished product. Alas we have received the stocks for this exciting new lure and wasted no time in getting it on the water for more fishing. It certainly didn't disappoint, as illustrated in the video posted hereabouts.

The BELL60 comes in 10 exciting colours. Meticulously designed, chosen and finished, these lures will withstand good punishment and attract many fish, if not anglers. Also to be mentioned is its proprietary toughened hardware which includes thicker gauge wires and the use of indestructible 200kg+ rated Sasame swivels for the belly hook.
At 60 grams it is perfect for our local application, with anglers often targeting GTs, Mackeral, Barracuda and the like. Its deep cup leads to easy chugging, but it is more than that. This lure can be worked in various ways. With short strokes it creates a loud bloop and plenty of splash, while long strokes will see it dive sub-surface with a large trailing bubble trail. Alternatively when the fish are finicky we find the best method would be very light strokes that create a short, light sound follow by surface splashing. In other words, no fish is exempt from this lure!
Here's the video of the FEED BELL60 in action...
Look out for it in all good tackle stores.
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