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Sunday, December 29, 2013


Tackle Source is proud to present the FEED LURES : SKIP28 oversized skipping frog. This lure has been some time in coming and its reveal cannot be more anticipated. We have worked for months with prototypes and with the manufacturer for the utmost in performance and finish. And now they are here, albeit being sold out within the first day of release.
This giant creation of the jump frog weighs in at 28gm and boasts unmatched distance and presence on the surface. The consistent splashing allows it to work in all conditions and the surface noise it makes seem to drive fish crazy. Specifically designed with one fish in mind - the Giant Snakehead is the gangster of our freshwater systems and top water fishing is the most exciting way to fish for them. Now we have the perfect tool for the job.
The ultra strong double hooks are custom specified and made. A close look will reveal the attention to detail, nothing is unaccounted for. The weighting balance process is an artform in itself and took much trial to get right. Relatively snag free, the upturned double hooks allow this frog to be cast in and over weedbeds and grass. The size and gauge of the hooks though, mean the use of heavy tackle is necessary. But this is de rigeur for any serious trophy Snakehead hunter anyway.
As illustrated above, the SKIP28 comes in 10 exciting colours to satisfy the most curious of fishermen.
Courtesy of Tackle Source TV on Youtube, we present the FEED LURES : SKIP28 in an exciting Snakeheadin' video. Just to cement its already esteemed status as a legend in the making. Enjoy...

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