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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Just in. A massive collection of goodies from Jackall Bros, from cranks to soft baits to swim baits, for every application. The good part? They are part of a grand promotion scheme, so are up for grabs at superb marked-down prices. Look out for them at any good tackle store near you!
MC/60 MR crankbaits

MC/60 MR Masaki Shimono Limted Colours

Super Eruption 3/4oz spinnerbaits

Dangan Squad Minnows
65HW - 11g
80HW - 19g
95HW - 25g

Geronimo Chico DR crankbaits

Diving Cherry 48 crankbaits

Mag Squad Minnow 128F jerkbaits

Mikey swimbaits

Mikey Skull Shell Editions

Deep Diving Cherry 55 crankbaits

Colt Minnow 65SP jerkbaits

Mametai mini jigs 3g & 5g

Sasuteki Craw 4" & 5"

i-Shad 4.8" & 5.8"

Super Pin-Tail 3" & 4"

Waver Shrimp 4"
Dum Dum Hog 3"

Vector Bug 2.5"
Hyd Geck 4"

Super Cross-Tail Shad 2.5" & 3"

i-Shad SW 2.8" & 3.8"

i-Shad Long Cast 3.8" & 4.8"

Jaco Knuckle 2"
i-Shad Tail SW 3.8"

Shimonoryu Mondoumuyou No.1 Long 6.5"
i-Shad Tail SW 4.8"

Dagger Minnow 5"
Ammonite Shad 3"

Dragon Bug 3"
Jazzy Fish 3"

Peke Peke 2"
Peke Peke Long 2.5"

Mondo HD Shad 3"
Glossy Shad 3.8"

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