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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Evergreen Modo Mesh Cap
4 colours

Evergreen Popper Frog for heavy cover

Evergreen Darter Frog for heavy cover

FCL Labo Ebipop 120 popper
New Colours

Jackall Bros Super Eruption Jr spinnerbaits

Jackall Bros i-Prop 75S propbaits
New Model

Jackall Bros Mudsucker 90 pencils
New Colours

Jackall Bros Mudsucker 110 pencils
New Colours

Tiemco Groggy Minnow

IMA Sukari Deep 50S divers

IMA Farina Deep 85F divers

IMA Barbarossa 95 sinking pencils

IMA Pugachev's Cobra 60 pencils
New Colours

Jackson Pintail 48 offshore minnows

Jackson RA Pop poppers
New Colours

Jackson Gallop Assist Jigs
20, 30, 40g

Jackson Pintail 35 offshore minnows
New Colours

Bassday Bottom Twitcher 62ES jerkbaits

DUO Tetra Works Poco Poco poppers
New Colours

DUO Spin Bait 60 propbaits

DUO Spearhead Ryuki 50S jerkbaits

DUO Beachwalker 120MD divers

DUO Tide Minnow 75 Sprint jerkbaits

Megabass Pop Max poppers
New Colours

Megabass Giant Dog-X SW pencils
New Colours

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