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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


If you have been following this blog for some time you would have noticed we're quite a fan of this lure, and its no wonder. Its lithe size makes it the perfect 'snack' for most things with fins, coupled with that slinky flutter fall which makes it irresistable.
The Tetra Works series of lures by DUO caters to the light tackle enthusiast. The lures in this range were made for the light saltwater scene in Japan, for the likes of small seabass, rockfish, bream and small trevallies. And in a range of many, the Ikakko stands out as the perfect mini squid imitation, along with the slightly smaller Koikakko.
Squids (and especially small ones!) are the perfect staple for many shore species all around the world. Found almost in all seas, the squid in all its varied types represent a significant percentage of the total viable foodsource for growing and mature aquatic inhabitants. They breed prolifically, many in the shallows, and in some areas a few times annually. This makes them a constant foodsource for predatory fish. Their soft bodies and lack of a great self-defence mechanism make them an easy snack too.
The Ikakko - translated as squid spawn - is 38mm long and weighs 5.7gms. It has a body of plastic injection-type with the neccessary weights moulded within. The hydrodynamics of the carved body shape ensures a flutter as it sinks, one of the core bite-attracting attributes of the lure. It has proven with much use as a hard-wearing body which keeps its colours well, and with its adequate weight is great casting even in windy conditions.
The Ikakko is best worked with an ultralight outfit much like those created for rockfish. It is essential to use light line, preferably of the braid/dyneema/PE variety to ensure good distance, sink-rate and sensitivity. 3-8 pound breaking strain line would be optimum, coupled with the relevant leader type. Like with all ultralight lures, to get decent distance when casting it is best to choose a lengthier rod and rods up to 8 feet are commonplace with 7'3-7'6 being average. Lastly it is paramount to choose a quality spinning reel with decent line-laying capabilities to avoid nasty tangles when handling these light lures which can regularly cause loose or uneven laying when twitched, paused and jerked repeatedly.
Out of the box the Ikakko is fitted with trebles which can be a tad too weak for many tropical species that we encounter. So the originals are ditched for a stronger treble or a tough single with a straight eye. Size 10 or smaller trebles are required while singles between 4-8 are alright. The action of the lure shouldn't be impeded with a dead knot, instead a roundish lure snap or a loop knot should be used.
When cast, the Ikakko should be allowed to sink to the desired depth and worked with sporadic twitches or jerks. The essential part is to leave ample pauses between jerks to allow a slight hangtime or even a few flutters. This is usually when the lure will get hit. The versatility of being able to work multiple water columns, sometimes within a single cast, is what makes this lure so special. And its ability to catch fish even extends beyond the saltwater realm, used in the fresh its silhouette could resemble tiny baitfish, crustaceans or insects on the bed and has been used to good effect for many species too.
The perfect little 'snack'?
There's no reason not to love the Ikakko!
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