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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


This is a collection of pictures from a short trip on  small stream in the Borneo heartlands where one gets the rare chance of an encounter with the graceful Malaysian Mahseer. These endangered fishes are rare as hen's teeth in the wild and this protected stretch of river is one of a few where the fish are guarded closely by the villagers who own the land. The system seems to work, as we found out the fish were there and though pretty educated we were able to fool them with a few choice lures.

The clear waters and low levels meant fishing would be tough. Most bibbed lures would proved too strong action-wise and look too unnatural to these clever inhabitants. In situations like these you don't have to look beyond the Zipbaits Raphael to deliver. Its wild twitching qualities look amazingly enticing and real in the clear stream and it was a joy to use all day fooling fish after fish. Other lures which worked include the DUO Spearhead Ryuki and crazily cranked Bassday Crystal popper which proved that the smaller profiled lures where the ones to go with in these conditions.

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