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Friday, July 20, 2012


Evergreen Shoulder Bag

Evergreen Bubble Tornado 1/2oz buzzbait

Evergreen Temujin Spin Rods
'Aerial Level Stroke'
Special Prices + Limited Stock

IMA Issen 45S jerkbaits

IMA Heavy Surfer 90 offshore minnows
Limited Colours

IMA Flechette 100 sinking pencils + blades

IMA Mighty Hog 4" soft plastics

IMA Flit 100 jerkbaits

DUO Realis Jerkbait 120SP

DUO Rough Trail 130S offshore minnows

DUO MOAB 85F Slim jerkbaits

DUO Ryuki Spearhead 80S jerkbaits

DUO Ryuki Spearhead 70S jerkbaits

DUO Split Rings

Zipbaits ZBL Skinny Pop popper

OSP Asura jerkbaits

OSP High Pitcher 1/2oz spinnerbaits

Jackall Bros Baby Giron mini swimbaits

Kahara Rat'n Rats for heavy cover

Kahara Frog for heavy cover

Kahara Baby Frog for heavy cover

Megabass Diving Flap Slap

Megabass Vision One Ten jerkbaits

Jackall Bros SK Pop Grande poppers

Jackall Bros Seira Minnow 55S lipless minnows

Daichii Seiko Knot Assist knotter

FCL Labo UC74 light popping rod

Varivas Sun Visor - 4 colours

Varivas Gore-tex Rain Hat - 2 colours

Varivas Tournament Cap - 2 colours

Varivas Twin Assist (Heavy) jigging assists

Varivas Seriola Wing Assist jigging assists

Varivas Light Jig Assist jigging assists
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  1. DUO Realis Jerkbait 120SP COSTO Y ENVIO PORFAVOR

  2. dejo mi correo gracias

  3. dejo mi correo gracias